3.8KVA Generator Hire – Powers 2 Inflation Device/Inflatables – INC 4 Hours Fuel

£70.00 inc. VAT

Please note when selecting a time slot your generator will be dropped off just before your start time and will be collected approximately 4 hours later.
If you need longer please add an additional fuel product add-on during booking process.

Please remember that when booking for large events the generator can be a key part of the whole function. Whilst our generators are serviced regularly and well maintained it is strongly advised to have back up power on site.
Should a generator fail through a fault of our company, refunds will be limited to the generator only, NOT the items powered by the generator.
A competent supervisor must be with the generator at all times with suitable protection, understanding and technical ability to maintain, start, restart and refuel as required.

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All prices include, a full tank of fuel to last 4 hours & delivery is always free when hired with any of our other products.

Extra fuel is available on request and all prices are displayed below.

All items on this website can be run from our generator.

3.8 KVA generator.

This generator can power up to 2 standard 1.5hp castles which is what all our castles use.

If you are not familiar with generators or power requirements, please feel free to contact us for advice and we would be happy to help.


  • Suitability – This item will inflate an average of 2 inflatables and some electronic games
  • Number of inflatables this will inflate – 2
  • How much power will this generator produce – 3.8kva from new
  • Power Output Voltage – 240 volts
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • No of useable 240v sockets – 2x 16amp
  • Running Time – 4hrs maximum on small inflatables, 1 to 2hrs on large inflatables without additional fuel
  • How much fuel is supplied – 4hrs fuel but please be aware this may not be enough on larger items and extra is required.
  • Suitable for Indoor use? – No
  • Suitable for Outdoor use? – Yes, providing your venue is large enough.
  • Suitable for Hardstanding? – Yes
  • Built-in rain cover? – No
  • Event timings – This item has no particular time restraints. It can be delivered & collected between 7am and 7pm within the listed price.

Please note: The client is responsible for ensuring that suitable security and crowd control measures are in place prior to the start of the event. This includes the safe provision of Generator fencing and hoarding etc. we provide the entertainment only unless our services as supervisors/ event managers are provided. Full guidance and safe operation sheets can be provided in advance should you require. If no guidance is requested it will be presumed that you are aware of the HSE requirements and as such we will not accept any liability for loss or damage. It is also worth noting that all generators left without a member of our staff will require refuelling by yourselves, please make you have adequate provision for this on site.

Generators should be shut off and left to cool completely before any refuelling takes place, under no circumstances is it ok to refuel the generator while it is running.

Overnight Hire addon available.

Latenight Hire addon available.


Travel Costs

For all events/private parties we include travel up to 10 miles (combined outward and return travel distance) within the normal booking fee, for any travel after the initial 10 mile additional charges may apply.
Please note all travel distances are the combined value of the travel to and from the event/party.
Any travel costs will be discussed at the time of booking and added to your quote.
Once you pay your rental fee if any delivery costs are due we will let you know right away.

If the automatic booking system does not allow you to book based on your postcode and you believe you are within 5 miles of WF12 7AQ drop us a message via the Contact Us area and we will do our best to help.


Staffing Requirements: This particular item requires compulsory supervision at all times.
With this particular item, it does not specifically require our services directly and supervision by the hirer is acceptable.
In hiring this equipment, you agree that you are in a position of trust and competent to manage such equipment.
Should you require any further information, please contact us directly and we will happy to guide you through it.
Should you not be in such a position, we can provide additional childcare/ guest care event staff, Please visit our staffing page for details.

Site layout/ Generator planning: Please make sure you are fully aware of the power requirements of each item ordered and bear this in mind when selecting a location for your equipment.
For example, if you select 2 inflatables and require 2 generator outlets, these 2 items must be grouped together within a distance of 75ft. They cannot be placed at separate ends of the venue.

If you require inflatables to be erected in separate areas of the venue exceeding 75ft from one another, you must select multiple smaller generators as opposed to one larger one.
If you are unsure of the requirements, please feel free to Contact us for advice.


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